10 Easy Steps to Opening A Pool for Summer

  1. Clean the Pool Surroundings Before taking the cover off of your pool and exposing it to the elements, make sure the pool deck and pool cover are clean.  Take the time to get all of those pesky leaves, branches, and stones off of the cover. The last thing you want is to introduce additional debris into the pool.
  2. Check your Supplies Do a short inventory of your chemicals so that you know what you may need to purchase before you start the pool opening process. When taking this inventory, be sure to check for expiration dates as products become less effective after their expiration date.
  3. Take off the Cleaned Cover After making sure your pool cover is free of debris, go ahead and remove the cover and store it in a safe place. Be sure the cover is dry, or else it is likely to mildew.
  4. Check the Pool for Damage Make sure that your pool was not damaged during the months it was closed.  Check the lining of the pool to make sure it is free of tears or rips. Make sure there are no chips or cracks in the plaster of the walls. Also look for any areas that seem to be bowed out around the walls or depressed down in the pools floor.
  5. Pop the Plugs Take out plugs that may have been installed in preparation for freezing or expansion. For winterized pools that use antifreeze, drain the water level and then remove and drain the antifreeze into a container.
  6. Replace Skimmer Baskets Reattach the hoses from the pump and filter to the skimmer and return jets and make sure everything is tight.
  7. Reattach the Hardware Reattach filters, pumps, and/or heaters after making sure they are still in working order. This includes making sure everything is clean, free of rust, tight fitting, and lubricated where necessary. Replace any ladders, diving boards, or railings that we removed at the pool’s closing.
  8.  Fill ‘er Up Replace the water to the waterline necessary for proper circulation. Try to get any bits of debris out as the water level rises. Almost time for a dip!
  9. Filter, Vacuum, & Test Start your filtration system and vacuum the pool to remove any dirt or debris that has gathered at the bottom of your pool. Allow the filtration system to run for 24-48 hours and then test the water. Make adjustments as needed and directed by your pool chemical directions.
  10. Enjoy! Time to relax and enjoy your pool again. Summer will be gone before you know it! Host as many BBQ’s and pool parties as you can before it’s time to winterize and close the pool again for the fall.

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