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Every pool needs chemicals to look stay looking great. Pool Season® is here to provide you with the products you need to keep your water crystal-clear and perfectly balanced.

Safety Tips

                          • ALWAYS follow label directions when adding any pool chemicals to the pool.
                          • NEVER mix different types of chlorine.
                          • NEVER mix chemicals together.
                          • DO NOT use quantities in excess of the recommended dosage on the label.
                          • After shock treating, you MUST wait until the free available chlorine residual is at the level recommended by the label instructions.
                          • KEEP ALL CHEMICALS OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Containers should always be kept closed when not in use.
                          • DO NOT use contents of unlabeled containers.
                          • NEVER add water to chemicals. Always add chemicals to water.
                          • DO NOT use contents of unlabeled containers.
                          • PROPERLY DISPOSE of all containers.
                          • WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY after handling the chemicals.
                          • USE A SEPARATE, CLEAN PLASTIC MEASURING CUP for each chemical.

Pool Season | Chemical Safety


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