Schedule an Opening/Closing

Get your pool ready for the season! Complete pool opening or closing service from $280.00.

Pool Opening

$280.00 includes the following:

  • Remove cover/safety cover and leave for customer
  • Apply initial chlorine treatment to water
  • Install and test all equipment
  • Troubleshoot/visually inspect all equipment for operability
  • Test fire heater if applicable
  • Install any ladders/rails/diving boards

Add-on Selections to Opening:

  •  Initial vacuum to waste with our equipment (within 48 hours of opening) – $125
  • Sand change for sand filters – $1.00 per lb of sand.
  • Chemically clean salt cell – $95
  • Clean and hook up robotic cleaner – $95
  • Green to clean – $600.00 (plus chemicals/drain and refill w/ guaranteed    green to clean within 7 days)

Pool Closing

A comprehensive Closing and Winterization: $280

  • Install cover
  • Disassemble and store all equipment
  • Disassemble and store any diving boards, rails, steps
  • Blow out, winterize and plug all plumbing lines, skimmers and returns
  • Add winterizing chemicals


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