Heritage Shuffleboard

Enhance your game room experience with the excitement of a time-honored tradition: shuffleboard.

Experience the challenging and addictive play of the classic game with the Heritage Shuffleboard. With built in adjustable storage shelves inside the legs, it’s easy to store your accessories safely and securely. With a sleek, modern design, the Heritage Shuffleboard is an excellent to addition to any game room.

The 1/8″ poured polymer playfield adds speed and durability for a lifetime of enjoyment.

More Details

Dimensions 12′ Shuffleboard: 146-1/16″ x 23-1/4″ x 31″H

Assembled Weight 12′ Shuffleboard: 365 lbs


Dimensions 9′ Shuffleboard: 109-9/16″ x 23-1/4″ x 31″H

Assembled Weight 9′ Shuffleboard: 275  lbs


Playfield: 1-1/2” thick x 16” wide MDF with veneer featuring 1/8″ poured polymer top coat and 3 scoring zones

Cradle: Black Vinyl Laminate

Features: Climate Adjusters, leg levelers & abacus scorers

Pucks: 2 – 1/8″ in diameter, 9.6 oz

Available Finish: Onyx

Available Sizes: 9’ or 12′

What's included

Included with all HERITAGE brand shuffleboards to include 9′ Heritage, 12′ Heritage and Colt

Playfield brush, abacus scorers and 8 pucks (4 red, 4 blue)

Heritage pucks are 2-1/8″ in diameter and weigh 9.1 oz each

(colors of accessories may vary from image)

Included with all LEGACY brand shuffleboards to include Barron, Classic, Collins, Cimarron, Clark, Elite, Ella,  Harpeth, Sterling, Winchester

Playfield brush, 8 pucks, abacus scorers, can of shuffleboard wax, draped cover and a Perfect Drawer (Perfect Drawer is not included with the Cimarron or Emory shuffleboards – these have stretchers that won’t allow the Perfect Drawer to fit)

Legacy pucks are 2-5/16″ in diameter and weigh 11.2 oz each

(colors of accessories may vary from image)